Monday, May 11, 2009

Sonofa ...

... frak! Isn't this the way things always go? First you drop a hundred and change on a new set of front tires. A day later you notice a slightly sweet smell coming from your vents. You turn the car off, return an hour or so later to find a mysterious, huge puddle underneath your car, and it's definitely not water. The liquid, whatever it is is slick, clear, and odorless. Oh, and you check your radiator fluid and there isn't a single drop in the reservoir. Oddly enough, you had the water heater replaced about two months ago to the tune of ~$400 because you own a Pontiac and they built the thing such that to replace the water pump, they need to take the timing belt off, and that's one hell of an expensive repair.

So, could I be so lucky as to have a simple burst hose? Doubt it. If the new water pump is defective, that means that while I may not have to pay for the part, I'll get stuck with an ~$300 labor charge repair.

At this point, is this damn car (12 years old, 120K miles) worth it?


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Thomas Joseph said...

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laurel said...

don't you like being called a "blog master" though? :)

Thomas Joseph said...

I would have preferred to be called "... the blog meister ..." but I guess I'll take what I can get. :P