Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Open Letter to Cingular

Dear Cingular (AT&T),

You suck. You've been a pain in my rear several times. Mostly because of the stupid fact that even though I paid for my rollover minutes, you seem to have the ability to axe them whenever you want. However, the last straw was when, after 6 years of service with you guys, one of your customer service representatives reset my phone upgrade date two years back when I moved and changed my number (though I specifically asked if this would be a problem, and that I WOULD NOT do the number change if anything was going to get mucked up). That meant -- according to you folks -- that I had to go four years without getting a new phone ... or I could pay out the wazoo. Well, I wasn't about to pay out the wazoo, and your customer service didn't seem particularly keen on helping me sort out the issue either. So, I found someone else, and you lose a customer that you've had for the better half of a decade.

I'm sure you're crushed. As am I.

Eat poop,

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quietandsmalladventures said...

oh that's horrid. hopefully, life's better now.