Tuesday, December 30, 2008


It appears that FOXNews considers these laws "wacky". Admittedly, some of them are stupid, but ...
4. In Michigan, it is legal to kill a dog for attacking chickens, livestock or people, but you can't snuff the pooch in a high altitude decompression chamber or by electrocution.
So preventing people from killing animals by two very painful methods is wacky?

... and ...
10. In Alabama it is against the law to exploit a bear by promoting, engaging in or being employed at a bear wrestling match, or by subjecting a bear to surgical alteration of any kind, including, but not limited to, declawing, tooth removal and severing tendons.
So animal cruelty is wacky? Hamstringing a bear is wacky?

Some people need to get a clue.

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Ivan Privaci said...

To be fair ("and balanced™"?), it's not that the laws against animal cruelty are "whacky" but that the specific acts mentioned are pretty strange. ("Dang dog done got into my chickens again! Good thing I have my handy-dandy high altitude decompression chamber here to kill it with!")

I've heard that there's similarly a law on the books in Florida (no surprise to anyone who's browsed Fark.com) specifically criminalizing sex with porcupines. Sure, porcupine rape would be obviously harmful for both participants, but it IS pretty whacky that someone felt the need to enshrine the prohibition formally into law (assuming of course that this law really exists - I've seen it mentioned in multiple places but have never gotten around to trying to look it up directly).