Tuesday, March 31, 2009

I agree ...

... with this. Wholeheartedly.
If you think it should be easier to adopt American children, demand that your local, state and federal election officials clear the pathway to make the process easier. And let's have more consistency. Having 50 different states set their own policy, is frankly, nonsense. With so many rules, no wonder folks throw their hands up and move on.

The goal of adoption is to put children in loving homes and not have them be the responsibility of the state. Making it harder to adopt affects you in your pocketbook because taxpayer money is spent to care for the children. So changing the laws not only helps the child, but also is fiscally prudent.
I've seriously thought about adopting, but spending a small fortune, that we don't have, isn't really an option for us. If things were a bit more sane, I'd do it in a heartbeat.


microbiologist xx said...

I agree. We are considering adopting, but the cost is quite a deterrent.

Tom said...

I'm also looking into signing up for the local foster program. Right now things are a bit hectic, with the wife in school and myself a few months from tenure/retention ... but once that is done, it might be possible for us to be foster parents. I have heard that there is always the potential for adoption through this route, and I assume it might be easier ... but then again, I could be wrong.

Even when I was single, I always thought that I might eventually adopt even if I never got hitched. I make a good wage, and I think I'd make a damn good father. I'm not necessarily married to the idea of adopting an infant either. I know there are some serious issues one needs to consider when adopting, as many children have psychological problems (either due to the adoption or due to other birth-family reasons) and need long-term care to help them cope/adjust/heal. Overall, it's a daunting challenge, and anything to make it easier would be preferable!