Saturday, May 09, 2009

The New Star Trek Movie ...

... was awesome! The special effects are wicked cool, the acting is pretty good (better than the original, which isn't saying that much), and the plot is pretty interesting as well. Suffice it to say, I predict there will be at least one sequel, and they came up with a pretty interesting way to ensure that it doesn't hinder the established Star Trek canon. I promise not to post any spoilers! The only thing I'll say is that Kirk does manage to get his ass kicked a lot in this movie.

Anyways, while I enjoyed the movie for the action, it got me thinking on the way home. Not because there is any deeply moral question posed by the movie, but because it painted a future Earth that looked believable, and I was envious. I do not believe that for a single minute that we, as a species, have reached our pinnacle. I believe there is a lot more maturation our species can do and an equally large amount of technological advances we can make. I also don't believe I'll see these advances in my life time, but boy do I wish I could see them. It's not that I'd want to live forever, but I contend that life is simply too short to fit in everything that one could do. At least, this is the way I feel.

So, unless they manage to build a warp drive spaceship within the next few years, I'll only be able to dream of the future, instead of live it.

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