Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Adobe sucks ...

... and to an extent, so does Nintendo. So, as I mentioned earlier, one of the draws for me was that the Wii could go online, which would allow me to check out sites like Hulu and possibly Netflix. Well, I knew that Netflix was currently off the table, but now I find out that the Wii cannot check out Hulu either because the Wii Internet Channel (powered by Opera) only runs on Adobe Flash v.7 and Hulu runs off Adobe Flash v.9. That means that while I can go to the Hulu site, all I get is a "Update Your Flash" message.

That sucks.

So, Adobe you suck for not opening up the source code for v.9 to let Opera make the necessary changes to their browser, and Nintendo you suck for not pressuring Adobe further into speeding up the entire process. Oh, and Hulu sucks for not coming up with a solution (like YouTube has) to allow the maximum number of viewers possible. And lastly Opera sucks for not demanding that their customer, Nintendo, get with the times.

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