Monday, November 23, 2009

Woe is me

After a four day weekend (self imposed), I have a backlog of manuscript peer reviews that need to be done today. The first one is obviously from authors who have English as a possibly fourth or fifth language. When you find over ten grammatical and typographical errors in the abstract alone (150 words max) you know you're in for a long slog. It's an interesting subject though, so I'll push all the way through rather than fight the urge to triage it.


Genomic Repairman said...

Good man on trying to give an honest go at it. Best of luck with the reviews, how is the review article coming along?

RPS77 said...

If theres one thing I cant stand; its' the improper use of punctuation

Tom said...

RPS77: LOL. You know, I actually had to dock the writers for incorrect use of the semi-colon. If there is one thing I never thought I'd be doing as a microbiologist, it's relying so heavily on my English composition skills. I guess that AP English really came in handy though in HS!

GR: The review article is coming along. I'm trying to push out a research article alongside of it (not related) so I'm trying to do double duty. I'm not sure if this is currently helping or harming one or both of the manuscripts.