Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Tap water safety

A study out of Canada is hypothesizing that tap water could be a source of at least one virus that annually plagues Canadians: Norwalk virus.
University of Toronto researchers, comparing Norwalk outbreaks to river water flow and lake temperatures, theorize that a near-endless "feedback loop" sends the virus from human waste to surface waters, then to water treatment plants that are unable to eliminate the bug, and finally back into household faucets.
How to stop the cycle?
The theory, if proven, raises the question of whether tap water should be treated with ultraviolet exposure, virtually the only way to kill the hardy viruses, the researchers say.
Yet another reason for me to eschew water and stick to drinking Coke Zero.


soil mama said...

you're not in Canada so you have nothing to worry about, right?

seriously though, wasn't there something out recently that was talking about how crappy the water used for soda is...

Tom said...

We have nothing to fear from Norwalk but ... what about things we don't know of that slip through our water supply and potentially lead to chronic illnesses?

I did blog about a study that looked at soda fountains and how they're contaminated. I haven't had a soda from a soda fountain since. ;)

soil mama said...

I know there are all sorts of issues that could arise, but after reading pioneer books and stories with my critter I'm pretty thankful that we're not just getting water straight from the stream!

Tom said...

Me too! Of course, I was at another research center this past week and I was about to get a drink from the water fountain and several people simultaneously shouted "No! Don't drink from there!" The water fountains are "just for show". Seems the facility was built on an old firing range and they have a bunch of ammunition leaching into the water table and feeding the wells.