Thursday, April 01, 2010

Honestly ...

... what were these people thinking?
They had given him the trip as a graduation present. Anne Rucker told she knew about the reported violence in Mexico, but she thought her son would be safe in such a populated tourist area.
They're killing people in Mexico in BROAD DAYLIGHT! What made you think a crowd of people would make things any safer?


Stay out of Mexico.


soil mama said...

my family went to Cancun recently and wanted us to come. NO THANKS! not too interested in going to a crappy tourist city with a 3 year old and the rest of my crazy family- not my idea of a vacation! My sis ended up going with her baby and said we made a good decision by not going.

I'm somewhat surprised to see this story was in Cancun since it is though of as being "safe"

Genomic Repairman said...

Fiancee and I will not go to Mexico for honeymoon, not will we even set foot on a boat that docks in Mexico even for a few hours. Its getting a little crazy south of the border.