Thursday, July 29, 2010

China - Food for Thought

Read this commentary over at Reuters and it raises some interesting points, but the most interesting point IMNSHO was raised by a commenter who said:
Population control takes many forms, does it not? Every government is guilty and bloody handed. Do they care? Unlikely.
As I was reading that commentary, that very thought was going through my head. I simply do not think that China cares about its population*, and if a number of them die so that China can progress economically, then they died for a good cause. It's a horribly shortsighted position to take, considering the long term effects that pollution will have, but at least to me it appears a route that China is willing to take. I don't think anything will happen in the near future unless the people demand it, and that can't happen or won't be allowed to happen.

*We already know China has stringent population control measures in place, so we know they consider themselves overpopulated to begin with.

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