Monday, July 21, 2008


The Pickens Plan - T. Boone Picken's website where he touts his new plan. Essentially to make a move into wind power. This move into wind power will also free up the natural gas used to generate electricity and allow it to be shuttled into the liquid fuel (as compressed natural gas [CNG]) market, thereby reducing our dependency on foreign oil. This dependency currently plays to the tune of ~700 billion dollars annually.

Bentham Open Access Journals - These all look to be relatively new journals, and they don't appear to be indexed by two of the major indexing sources (MedLine/Pubmed and Scopus). However, you've got to start somewhere, right?


Anonymous said...

You can read an interview with a Bentham director here:

Tom said...

Hmm, very concerning. Guess I won't ever be publishing there, eh? Thanks for the heads up.