Monday, August 04, 2008

Linkage - Electric Vehicles

Global Electric Motors (GEM)

Green Vehicles


Tesla Motors

ZAP Electric Cars

ZENN Motor Company

For those of us truly feeling the pinch of gas, I doubt we'll be able to afford the Tesla, but most of the others are feasible. Especially the NEVs (Neighborhood Electric Vehicles). You'll just have to get your city politicians to drop the town/city speed limits to 35 MPH or less.


Oldfart said...

Except for the Tesla, which is way beyond my means, the rest sound like souped-down golf carts. Ranges were typically 30 miles or less and speed was 25mph. Not safe at those speeds in my neighborhood. Not to mention the fact that I live in an apartment where charging up would become a real problem since I don't have either a garage or an external socket.

This technology has a LONG way to go.

Tom said...

They certainly won't be suitable for everyone, but in my neck of the woods, my commute is ~8 miles one way, all on back roads. All it would require is a 5 MPH reduction in speed limits and I'd be able to get back and forth from work in an electric vehicle which would run me around $6 to $7K. And perhaps that would be on the expensive end. I haven't really looked at other options. I just know that if I look to a hybrid, or something along those lines ... and Israel and Iran go to war and gas hits $10/gallon, I'd be very happy not to have a gas vehicle.

Does the technology need to come along a bit farther? Yep, entirely ... which is why I haven't purchased anything yet ... but if real life doesn't hold pat for the technology to come along ... we all may need to make concessions.

BTW: Thanks for stopping by.