Friday, January 08, 2010

For shame ...

... why would you do such a thing? Is this a corporate decision, or is it done at the individual store/manager level? I am going to assume it's a corporate thing, and as such it's a truly horrible (despicable) corporate policy.


soil mama said...

I heard that most companies do this with returned merchandise after the holidays. It's a shame since many slightly defective items are still very usable. I'm not at all surprised that this is happening too, but it's a shame for sure.

FWIW, I see a fair amount of new but discontinued Target clothing at the local Goodwill

Tom said...

I don't understand the practice of destroying clothing after the season (holiday/fashion/whatever). Are they afraid of losing profit? It's not like I'm going to haunt the local Goodwill in the hopes that clothes my size are going to turn up there. There are so many charities which could really use these clothes that it's downright criminal to deface clothing and discard of it.

Never mind the environmental waste that this generates. Why should we fill landfills up with BRAND NEW clothes? What sort of footprint was needed to generate these clothes to begin with, only to then throw then away before we even got any use out of them?

Tom said...

If one buried a t-shirt in the ground, I wonder what it would do to the ecology of the area?

Sounds like an interesting summer project!

soil mama said...

"If one buried a t-shirt in the ground, I wonder what it would do to the ecology of the area?"

-It would likely depend on the composition of the t-shirt, and whether it had been washed yet (since there are reportedly funky chemicals on new clothes).