Monday, January 11, 2010

Made in the USA

Honestly, it's time to limit the amount of things individual consumers purchase from China. Here is the latest news about child items being contaminated with cadmium.
Lab testing organized by The Associated Press shows that it also is present in children's jewelry - sometimes at eye-popping levels exceeding 90 percent of the item's total weight.
Whiskey Tango Foxtrot!
Cadmium is particularly dangerous for children because growing bodies readily absorb substances, and cadmium accumulates in the kidneys for decades.

"Just small amounts of chemicals may radically alter development," said Dr. Robert O. Wright, a professor at Harvard University's medical school and school of public health. "I can't even fathom why anyone would allow for even a small amount to be accessible."
If I were a conspiracy theorist, I'd say that this is all being done intentionally ... to weaken our next generation. I'm not, but I still say that if China can't clean up its act, at the very least we as consumers should do so. Heck, in reading those articles, it appears that cadmium containing items are sold heavily in China, which makes me wonder if China actually cares about its own populace. And if China can't be bothered worrying about their own populace, what makes us think they'd care about ours?

And in case you were wondering where some of these products might be found, this article indicates several stores in the United States could be carrying them:
Some of the most troubling test results were for bracelet charms sold at Walmart, at the jewelry chain Claire's and at a dollar store. High amounts of cadmium also were detected in "The Princess and The Frog" movie-themed pendants.


soil mama said...

I saw this last night and wondered if you would pick up the story. I was reading the article to my hubby and we were both in shock about it. the response of the companies was just jaw dropping.
"Wal-Mart said they consider safety a very high priority. "We consistently seek to sell only those products that meet safety and regulatory standards," Wal-Mart said. "Currently there is no required cadmium standard for children's jewelry."
they're basically saying that since there are no regulations against it, they haven't done anything wrong- that's BS!
we steer clear of crappy nick-knack stuff for our kiddo (mostly because I think it's a total waste of resources) but stuff like this just fuels my fire.

Tom said...

Yeah, while I'm often enticed by the low prices of Wal-Mart, I may have to reconsider my spending practices. If I cut out some non-essentials, I can afford to pay a little more at extra stores. While Wal-Mart won't necessarily miss my business, I easily spend a couple thousand a year there. Probably more.

Philip H. said...

I generally avoid Wllly World - except the do make a sponge for one of those sponges with the built-in dish soap handles thingys that my wife likes to use.

OTOH, my teenage daughter's love Claire's for accessories . . . that won't be a fun one to put the kibash on . . .