Thursday, October 30, 2008

Busy again today ...

... preparing a talk for a seminar I'm giving on Friday to the local Astronomy club. Managed to find a way to put two of my favorite intellectual pursuits (Astronomy and Microbiology) together ... Astrobiology! So, I'll be talking about the potential for life on Mars. When I'm done, perhaps I'll put my lecture on the web.


Ivan Privaci said...

Oo! Downloadable audio! (Assuming the presentation will work as an audio-only format).

I'm always looking for relevant stuff to listen to as I commute to and from work (when I'm not recording instead...)

Tom said...

Unfortunately, it'll probably just be visual. I'm pretty sure the university club I'll be speaking to videotapes their seminars. Sorry.

Though, perhaps I'll start my own podcast *ponder*.