Thursday, October 02, 2008

China: Use at your own risk ...

Sooner or later we're going to realize that China just has no control of just about anything that comes out of it. That is, until people get sick and die. Most often innocent children.

And you know what, with their aggressive population control measures, I honestly don't think the government cares if a few hundred children die. The only reason they then hunt down and kill those responsible is to put on a good face for the world in a "Hey, we don't tolerate this sort of stuff, see?" sort of way.

The reason why things are so cheap in China? They cut corners. They've got to make a profit too, right? So what makes any of us think that they're not cutting corners? It's a don't ask, don't even think about it sort of environment businesses that deal with China work in. Disgusting.

I'm honestly starting to look at where everything I buy is made. I'm not always going to find items not made in China ... heck, I doubt I'll always find items made in America (they do still make things in America, right?) ... but I'm definitely going to try. Even if it costs me a bit more in time and money. I think my health is worth it.

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