Thursday, January 15, 2009

Edolphus Towns (D-NY) is a Moron

With all the problems our country is facing, you know what with the two wars we're fighting, an economy in shambles, the mortgaging of our future with almost a trillion dollars in bailout money with very little strings (or expectations) attached, this fool wants to hold hearings about the Bowl Championship Series because he doesn't think a "true #1" came out of the BCS.
"I think you really do not get a true No. 1 out of (the Bowl Championship Series)," Towns told the newspaper. "Nobody questions the Super Bowl. The team that wins is the best team that year. I think we can do the same thing at the college level where once it's over there is no questions about who is No. 1 and who is No. 2."
WHO CARES!?!?!!!!

This is all this fool can think about? Jimminy Christmas! Everyone who voted for this guy should be summarily slapped upside the head for picking such an obvious "winner".

At least someone speaks common sense at the end of the article though.
Former house Majority Leader Dick Gephardt of Missouri said he thinks Congress won't have time to deal with this issue with so many issues, particularly the economy, facing lawmakers. "I think this is something that colleges will have to figure out together," Gephardt told USA Today. "I'm not sure this is what the public wants Congress to be spending their time on."
And I repeat ...
I'm not sure this is what the public wants Congress to be spending their time on.
Damn Friggin Skippy!

So, while I think a playoff would be nice ... I don't think Congress should be wasting my tax payer dollars making it so. I can certainly live without a playoff. I cannot live without my government functioning properly and ensuring that the services I pay for actually work for me (now and when I retire).

So, Mr. Towns get your ass in gear and do something USEFUL and IMPORTANT! You damn fool.


Charlie Harding said...

You are right about there being more important things... but maybe if you took some time to research, you would see this was just one of the things he wants to do with the oversight committee, and certainly not the highlight. IT was just brought up because Obama has been talking about it.

I for one am happy that we are talking more about a playoff system for college football, at the very least the hearings should be fun to watch (while drunk)

Tom said...

It honestly doesn't matter to me whether or not this is the "highlight". The fact that they're going to waste time and money by holding these hearings at all, is enough to get my goat. I've already written my Congressman telling him to speak to Mr. Towns about this nonsense ... I hope others do as well.

Though, perhaps you're right. It might make for some entertainment while drunk ... just never thought I'd look at my government representatives as entertainment opportunities. They are turning into a big joke though, I must admit.