Tuesday, January 13, 2009


If you haven't accepted it yet, perhaps think about this one as well.
One of the nation’s largest health insurers has agreed to pay $50 million dollars in a settlement announced today after being accused of overcharging millions of Americans for health care.
New York Attorney General Andrew Cuomo says Ingenix has been manipulating the numbers so insurance companies pay less. In a just-released report, he contends that Americans have been “under-reimbursed to the tune of at least hundreds of millions of dollars.” Although UnitedHealth Group and Oxford Insurance were the only entities investigated, other major insurers use Ingenix, including Aetna, CIGNA and WellPoint/Empire BlueCross BlueShield.
If you've been screwed, don't ever expect the screwer to say "Sorry".

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microbiologist xx said...

Thanks for reminding me that I hate insurance companies.