Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Pay those in the minority no mind ...

The Notre Dame and Obama fiasco.
Gibbs also cautioned the press to recognize that those who are against the Obama's visit are in the minority. "I think it's important to understand it appears as if the vast majority of students and the majority of Catholics are supportive of the invitation the president accepted," he said. "And I know he's greatly looking forward to -- to seeing them."
Is this the message the Democrats want to send? "You don't hold the popular opinion, therefore we shall pay you no mind. Better yet, just go away"


soil mama said...

is there ever NOT a minority opinion? is there ever a graduation speaker that EVERYONE agrees 100% with? I get what your saying, but he was invited and many groups are supporting him, so I won't think poorly of him for attending.

I won't pretend to know the Notre Dame atmosphere or demographics, but I'm curious if they have had this strong of a reaction to past guests who were not catholic, or didn't believe in all things catholic

BTW, I know several devout catholics who voted for Obama...

Tom said...

I don't think poorly of him for attending. The onus isn't on him to keep the teachings and mission of the Catholic school, it's the onus of the Catholic school to keep true to its tenets and mission.

What I object to with by the administration is taking a smug approach and injecting themselves into the controversy here by claiming: Hey, a lot of people support us, so there. Let Catholics handle the controversy, let him just go and do what he was asked to. You know?

I usually try not to get political on this blog, but I really hate Gibbs. He just comes across as very unprofessional.