Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Be on your best behavior

I know it stinks to go through life having a target on your back, but when you know you have one, and you don't take it seriously, you open yourself up to legitimizing the attacks that you know could possibly come.

Case in point.
But animal producing farms, including CVFF, realize they have become targets for groups like MFA, which promotes a strict vegetarian diet.

The president of the American Association of Swine Veterinarians, Dr. Butch Baker, who also watched the MFA video, says it is upsetting to see animal rights organizations try to destroy America’s farmers.

“They (MFA) would like to put all those people (farmers) out of business and out of work," Baker told Fox News. "I have no patience for anyone who abuses animals or no tolerance and I don’t think anyone should, but these films ... really are an attack on the rural lifestyle of America.

"People in rural communities depend on farms and farming for their livelihood. If you let an extremist group run the industry that’s just as bad as letting the people who didn't care about the animals at all run the industry,” he said.
Dr. Butch Baker just doesn't freaking get it. The tape obviously shows people who don't care about the animals, handling them. It's also obvious that CVFF did not, at least at that facility, have proper procedures in place to ensure that such abuse did not happen. I am very sympathetic to the plight of the farmer. I think rural America is a necessity for the continued success of our country, and I want to do everything to ensure that farmers have profitable farming systems.

It is said that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Some upfront training in proper animal husbandry for these employees, and an effective oversight system would have saved the industry from getting this black eye. So, instead of trying to demonize MFA, fix the damn problem with CVFF and get back to business.


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soil mama said...

I didn't follow the link, and don't feel the need to. I am a vegetarian, but I feed my daughter meat due to her allergy limited diet.
I think that animals have a wonderful role to play in sustainable ag systems and can be raised humanely and sustainably. However, for the vast majority of animal production in the US (and likely elsewhere) this is not the case. Maybe it's because our society eats so much meat that we must use these large-scale systems to supply the demand? Maybe it's because most people don't care or would rather not think about where their meat comes from?

most people wouldn't treat their pets the way farm animals are treated. Hell, many "farm boys" I grew up around were too squeamish to get their dogs neutered, but didn't think twice about castrating livestock w/o sedation or numbing.