Monday, February 22, 2010


I simply cannot believe that this is my one thousandth post! It's hard for me to fathom that I've had this much to say in the past few years that I've been blogging. Additionally amazing is that over the past two plus years I've actually averaged over a blog post a day. Now, most of it is rather inconsequential ... but it's still a bit amazing that I've stuck at it for this long!

When I started this blog I was finding my way along in the agricultural/environmental sciences. Coming from a medical microbiology background I knew more about the Krebs Cycle than the Nitrogen Cycle (I still have a diagram I made my first week at work taped next to my monitor ... right next to a soil texture triangle) and I was more than a bit intimidated by my new surroundings. At that time I was also being transitioned in biofuels research, and this blog started out as Biofuels! to serve as a repository for links on the subject that I found interesting. During these couple of years I've found firmer footing in my research areas and I don't feel weird calling myself an environmental microbiologist at this point (though I'd stop short of calling myself a microbial ecologist ... that is going to take a lot more training).

So now, four years (I did start the blog at the end of 2006) into this "experiment" I'd say I'm entirely on a different road than I was when I started. Tenured, maybe a bit more mature, and definitely more seasoned ... I'm looking forward to continuing onward for as long as I can (I'm still considering my resolution to strive to post more relevant material).

I'd like to thank everyone who has come along and contributed to the discussion, I appreciate it ... and it has certainly helped me continue on this journey. Thank you!


soil mama said...

congrats! I'm looking forward to reading the next 1000 posts... or at least most of them ;)

microbiologist xx said...

I can totally believe you are on your 1000th post. Every time I go to my google reader, it seems like there are 15-20 new posts on your blog. :) I'm a little jealous and obviously behind as I am just now commenting here.