Thursday, June 24, 2010

Asian Carp in the Great Lakes? I have a solution ...

... just let BP into Lake Michigan. That'll kill off the carp!

Asian carp found less than six miles from Lake Michigan.
CHICAGO – An Asian carp was found for the first time beyond electric barriers meant to keep the voracious invasive species out of the Great Lakes, state and federal officials said Wednesday, prompting renewed calls for swift action to block their advance.

Commercial fishermen landed the 3-foot-long, 20-pound bighead carp in Lake Calumet on Chicago's South Side, about six miles from Lake Michigan, according to the Asian Carp Regional Coordinating Committee.
What a mess we've made of our world. I always say that life doesn't come with a "reset" button, but in this case I really wish we had one.

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RPS77 said...

Invasive species - proof that humans aren't bad news for ALL other species.