Monday, August 30, 2010

No hablo Español.

But I'm trying to rectify that. Just installed Rosetta Stone's Latin American Spanish, Level 1 onto my work laptop. Now I just need to find time to wear the dorky headset and I should be able to curse in a foreign language in no time!

Anyone ever use Rosetta Stone, and what did you think of it?


Genomic Repairman said...

Too bad you don't have an Xbox 360, you can hop online withe Microsoft's dorky headset and learn Spanish profanity from 16 year old kids for the low price of $50 per year.

soil mama said...

I've never used Rosetta Stone, but I know people who have and loved it. I was just thinking of it this morning, only briefly since I know I don't have any spare time.

Tom said...

GR: heh, I'll keep that under consideration. I have a friend of mine whose young cousin follows me everywhere ... he's getting an XBOX360 for his birthday ... I was leaning PS3, but may get the XBOX360 so we can team up and play Halo together. So it's a win/win ... learn spanish, play halo.

soil mama: I have no spare time either but ... I added it to my work IDP, so I can actually spend 30 minutes a day learning it on company time! ;)