Monday, August 30, 2010

Woo hoo!

A plethora of PLFA data arrived on Friday, which means for most of today I'll be analyzing the data and prepping it for my next collaborative manuscript. Probably not much blogging today unless the data analysis breezes by.


soil mama said...

have fun with the PLFA's! did they already match up the peaks and let you know which FA each one is, or do you have to do that yourself?

I thought I had gotten away from PLFA's but am now working on a project with them again. At least the collaborator is doing the chemistry now though.

Thomas Joseph said...

No, I believe they sent me the raw data along with the standards and I'll need to do it all myself.

Am I in for a world of hurt?

Tom said...

I hate Agilent's ChemSoft software. I swear, was this piece of poop written in the 80s?