Monday, September 13, 2010

An Open Letter to both PC-ORD and Microsoft

Dear PC-ORD and Microsoft,

I wish you both could get your crap together. Could you at least talk to one another, civilly, for just a bit?

PC-ORD, why do you insist on only analyzing files saved in Lotus Workbook format? Who the hell uses the .wk1 extension anymore? Does Lotus even continue to exist? And Windows ... why did you make it such that Windows Excel 2007 won't save in .wk1 format, and that Excel 2003 only does so after you have to go in and edit the registry? Talk about freaking impossible! My institution wants me to let go of 2003, and I refuse to do so. I really have no choice in the matter! Not until one of you gets your act together and decides to play nicely with the other!

In the meantime, I shall hate you both.

Thomas Joseph


soil mama said...

PC-ORD version 5 lets you import Excel 2003 files (.doc) but I can't remember if it exports in .wk1 files still, maybe it can do tab. I know I've gone around and around with the files and the formats and it's a PITA. I had already updated my office suite to 2007 before realizing that any of this would be a problem so then had to install some other worksheet program that could translate between the .doc and .wk1 files... like I said, PITA.
but for some reason, I'm thinking my more recent ventures in PC-ORD were easier, so maybe V5 is better...

Tom said...

I think I have version 5, I'll need to check.