Tuesday, September 14, 2010

retraction: *smile*

And this story does not make me happy to be a Jets fan today. First caught wind of this last night during the game, and read more about it today. Rex Ryan needs to get a better grip on his club.


soil mama said...

eh, I don't feel too bad for her--if it really was *just* hooting and hollering.

I really don't think that reporters should be in locker rooms, male or female. There is really no need for ladies to go into the guys locker room or the other way around, so you may as well keep all the media out.
I also fall into the "she really should dress more professionally if she wants to be treated professionally" side of things too. her whole shtick is being "the sexiest reporter in Mexico" which is just weird.

Tom said...

I agree with the no reporters in the locker room thing. Make them available immediately after the game, or a set time later (or a rotating schedule of players). Seems feasible, no?

I googled her (I admit) and there definitely was a difference between THOSE pictures and what she wore in the Joy Behar video.

I suppose once we can get beyond "I want to be the sexiest this-or-that" perhaps we'll get beyond these sorts of issues? I dunno.

Also, in her defense ... from what I read, an assistant coach threw at least one football in her direction, so it may have been a bit more than just hoots and hollers. The Jets really should be more disciplined than that.

Tom said...

Fair Point?