Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Death of a Postal Worker

The Post Office may not be long for this life.
The Postal Service lost $1.1 billion in its latest quarter. That number would be even larger if it weren't for direct mailings, which now constitute 52 percent of mail volume, up from 38 percent in 1990. Revenue from direct mail "is the financial underpinning of the Postal Service—it could not survive without it," says Michael Coughlin, former deputy postmaster.

But 89 percent of consumers say in polls that they'd prefer not to receive direct-marketing mail; 44 percent of it is never opened.
That's definitely not a good sign for the Postal Service. Worse yet, there is a company which, for a minimal fee, will contact businesses and tell them you want to opt out of direct-marketing mail. They're called GreenDimes. According to their website:
With GreenDimes, you can stop up to 90% of your junk mail - guaranteed. We work with you and the largest group of marketers and catalogs — over 4,500 and growing — to make sure you get only the mail you want.
Not bad, definitely a start. Plus ...
With GreenDimes, you'll make the world a better place by saving paper. We help you go farther: new Premium members, we'll plant 5 trees on your behalf. It's like growing your own tiny forest, in exchange for all your junk mail.
Woo hoo! They're green to boot. Their Premium service? $20.


microbiologist xx said...

OMG! I did not know these angels existed. Thanks for the info.

I find direct mail almost as annoying (almost) as telemarketers. Just throwing it away day after day wears on my nerves simply because it is so wasteful. Not to mention, whenever I have lived in an apartment complex, the trashcan provided for such mail inevitably filled up, resulting in junk mail blowing all over the complex.

Tom said...

You're welcome. I think I'm also going to avail myself to their services. This sort of direct-marketing mail is a boon for identity thefts as well, so the sooner we're rid of it ... the better off we all are. IMNSHO. :)