Friday, October 17, 2008

The Happening - A Review

I can sum the movie up in three words.




It was atrocious. I swear Marky Mark was in a coma in this movie. He speaks in monotone for most of the movie, and it's ... well, just plain stupid! If you've seen the trailers, you've seen the first five minutes of the movie, because all the "good stuff" is put right up front. I can't even begin to get into the details of the movie, like how Marky Mark is a science teacher, and he and his wife are in the middle of a bad marriage ... because, well it's not even integral to the movie except for about 10 seconds in the movie when Marky Mark uses his *ahem* skills as a science teacher to come up with the solution basically to "Run!" (away from the breeze).

I think the funniest bit is when, in the middle of a "terrorist attack" and people are told to evacuate NYC, Penn Station is friggin empty. EMPTY! IT'S NEVER EMPTY! 600,000+ people go through there each day ... and when the city is told to evacuate you think it's going to be anything other than shoulder to shoulder? Sheesh.

This movie sucks.

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Jetty said...

Yeah, I actually saw that in the theaters and wanted to walk out halfway through it. Horrible!