Tuesday, October 21, 2008

You know ...

... when someone writes a perfectly damn good story, and someone else tries to make a movie out of it, the least they can do is be true to it! On that note, I suppose I should not be surprised by the stupid crap Hollywood does, so when I watch a movie which has been "altered" from the way the book ended, perhaps I shouldn't be surprised or upset.

The two movies which have recently irked me to this effect? [WARNING: Spoilers below.]

1. I Am Legend - I can't begin to count how many people don't quite understand the meaning of the movie's title. I've had to explain to them what the actual title of the movie means, because if he's NOT the only one (human) left, he's not really a "legend", at least not how Richard Matheson meant it.

2. The Mist - Typically Steven King movies suck, but this one was alright. That is, it was alright until they went and made Drayton a mass murderer at the end.

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