Thursday, March 26, 2009

ASU doesn't seem to care ...

... about the fact that for a million dollars, they can keep a department which will churn out jobs which pay ~$50K to start in a field which has a national average vacany rate of 10.4% (in other words, every individual who obtains certification would most likely find a job immediately). Nope, they don't care about that. Perhaps they'll dump the program off on the local hospital system instead.
Due to space constraints on the Tempe campus, and because of the applied nature of the degree, consideration was given over the past few years to incorporating the program into the Phoenix Biomedical campus or relocating it to the Polytechnic campus. However, it was assessed that such plans would require more than $1,000,000 in new laboratory construction and/facility renovation in order to adequately administer the program to undergraduate students on either campus. Like other states with similar programs, funding from local hospitals could subsidize the continuation of the program and this idea is being examined.

I do want to point this out though ... the commenter on my last post on this topic hit the nail right on the head IMO:
The loss of this program would be a detriment to the school and the community especially as this is the last accredited program in the state of Arizona. I will admit that the program has a high cost per student when compared to some degrees however I think that cost must be balanced by the good it will provide the community. After all this is a state university and it main purpose is not to make money but to provide and produce the educated workforce the state so desperately needs.
To me, this seems that the state should step in and demand that the Med Tech program remain open. IIRC, Oklahoma (where I used to live) didn't have a Med Tech program at any of the universities within the state and they were always suffering huge Med Tech shortages.

Why would Arizona take a play out of the playbook of a state which has chronic shortages of critical health care workers?

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