Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Big Time (Expert)?

A few days ago I received my first unsolicited email asking me to consider them for a postdoc position in my lab. They were asking because, according to them, I'm an expert in the field of bacteria pathogens.

Of course I don't directly work with pathogens any longer, it's more of an environmental microbiology gig, and I don't work in the field they'd like to, even though if you looked at my most recent published manuscript you wouldn't know it (unless you knew the entire sordid history of the project). And, of course, I don't have the funds right now to hire a postdoc either. Each year our agency provides money to researchers (it's a competitive process) to fund a 2 year postdoc, and I wasn't one of them (most directly because I didn't apply) ... heck, I've only been here a handful of years, I didn't want/need that additional stress while I'm working my way up for tenure.

If I did have the funds, I'd hire the postdoc requester ... if for no other reason they made my day. Plus, they've probably read at least one or two of my manuscripts!

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