Monday, March 30, 2009

Too Bad, So Sad

They should stay in jail. End of story IMO.


Anonymous said...

We should show them the same compassion they showed their victims. None.

BTW, I am a left-leaning liberal.

Anonymous said...

Doesn't LIFE mean you are in jail till you die??? Leave them there!!!

Tom said...

Welcome to all of you. I agree with the sentiment of denying them parole, for ever. As for rotting in jail ... I think we can all agree that they're not really "rotting" in there. They get adequate meals and health care ... better than quite a large number of people outside of the prison system.

As with the last commenter, I guess what I find hard to comprehend is why some "life in prison" sentences are really "life in prison until we decide to let you out" sentences.

Shadysider said...

Why are my tax dollars paying for their prison sentance? The death penalty has its' uses under certain circumstances. This is one of them.

And I consider myself a social liberal. This is why politcal labels are useless.

Anonymous said...

Life in prison...and I believe they all received mulitple "lives"

am i correct??

die in prison...!!! no mercy for these fools..

Anonymous said...

How can any of them even think that someone should have mercy on their souls? Because you become an ordained minister or you're dying or you train seeing eye dogs now... that means you've paid for your crimes? The mentality here to even think of giving parole is atrocious. And yet, we the people still have to pay for them to have it not so bad... where is the real justice?

Anonymous said...

Agreed. Too bad. They can get out when they have paid their debt. Life. Stop bringing it up.

Anonymous said...

From the CNN article:
"He was manipulative," Watson said of Manson... "But I take full responsibility for my ignorance, lack of identity, emptiness and choices in life, which left me prey to his deceptive plan. My actions were my own."

That's the least amount of taking responsibilities for your own actions I have ever heard. Riiiight, you take responsibility for your own actions. It's like those "apologies" that turn it around on the people who were wronged, and never actually admit fault: "I'm sorry you misunderstood what I really said".

Anonymous said...

Just by reading all of these posts i can rest knowing that there is not way they are going to let out.

Paladn said...

According to my parents, the night Manson and his gang killed Sharon Tate and after they left her house, they came to ours. They were looking for a producer who had just recently sold us the house and moved out. They stood on our doorstep about to enter and kill everyone inside but the girls saw my sisters baby booties on the bookcase through the door window and didn't want to kill another child. My parents remember hearing them on the doorstep talking (though they couldn't make out what was being said)
During the trial, photographers came out and took pictures of our house.

I and my family are alive only because of a pair of baby booties!!!

That night had a big impact on me and I have ever after, since I became an adult, always had a loaded gun available and means to defend myself and my family.

Honestly the way I feel, I'd be happy to take those b**tards out myself if they ever got released.

Let them rot!
Let them pine for freedom and a life like the one's they took away from their victims and almost took from me.

Anonymous said...

They should all get the same mercy they gave Sharon Tate when she begged for the life of her unborn child---NONE, let em stay behind bars for life plus a day.

Anonymous said...

I wonder what the families of the victims are longing for? These murders have certainly sentenced the victim's families to a life sentence of grief.

Choice, not fate, determines destiny. The Manson family chose theirs.

xxzeon said...

WOW, I hope that none of the above commentators ever have anyone close to them incarcerated ...or even involved in the legal system! Enpough is enough! Manson? Keep him until he meets his maker. Regarding the others....It's time for release! Before you all start lying to yourselves and others in this forum, please consider some facts. Child Molesters? Average prison sentence (NY State/around 3yrs)...Possessio n of under 800.00 of cocaine...15yrs to life...Manslaughter (most of which are truly murders that take place between minority groups) 3-5 yrs max. Violent violent that the victim is in a vegetative state permanently....5-15yrs...For those who don't know what "vegetative state means" mthink of coma, feeding tubes and paralysis forever....yup, about 5 yrs with good behaviour....What about people like George Bush, Donald Rumsfeld, Paul Wolfowitz, Dick Cheney (I mention these murderers for the benefit of the above 'left leaning liberal"///sidebar: I think that lefty need a course or two in remedial reading/comprehension studies LOL]...Bush and his administration are war criminals who, at the very least are directly responsible for the murder of thousands of young men/women WHO ARE/WERE U.S.A. CITIZENS! Of course Iraqi blood probably means nothing to many of the above social commentaters...but what the hell...probably in excess of 100k murdered. Oh, what sentence for mass murder did they receive? Let's see that got zero time because of "GOOD BEHAVIOUR" in dealing with the economy for the last 8 yrs...Election fraud? Oh, zero sentence because those folks (Ohio/Florida) acted in the best interest of our country.!

signed G E Zajdel atty @ law

Anonymous said...

When they committed those savage murders, they sealed their fates just as they sealed the fates of their victims.

Tom said...

xxzeon: Once you started typing in ALL CAPS it became obvious there is no point in "arguing intelligently" with you.

Be that as it may, it appears that you are attempting to argue that because other (some fairly heinous) crimes carry with them lesser sentences, that we should free those who have been handed harsher sentences for equally offensive crimes. And then you blather on about GWB (who gives a rats patooie about this appeal to emotion?)

If you really want to argue: We should let the Manson cronies go because of George W. Bush, feel free to do so ... but don't expect anyone else to do anything other than roll their eyes and ignore you as the wack-a-loon you appear to be. Have a good day.

Anonymous said...

They are where they belong! They deserve the same mercy they gave the people they killed - while they held them down. NONE!

xxzeon said...

Mr Joseph: Prior to addressing your response, I'd like to tell you (and God, I hope this does not anger you LOL) but I'm impressed with your Bio. Your professional life speaks on it's own....not sarcastically...but rather interesting! Your taste in music, however, floored me. Why? Because it is very much the same as my own, seriously. The Tragically Hip, for instance, has been one of my favorites going all the way back to their 1988 (I believe) 4-5 song Demo....before Up to Here was released. I've seen them countless times in Buffalo, Rochester and Toronto. I was even fortunate enough to see them in a one off show at the "horizontal boogie bar" in Rochester in front of maybe 200 people. Radiohead ...another one of my faves!

Anyway, I'd really like to clarify something in your rebuttal...actuall two (2) things. My use of capitals is incorrect. I realize it shows aggression, which to me, ends all reasonable lines of discussion. However,(and I'm not justufying) use is a stupid way of conveying my passion to certain subjects. Most definitely a character fault on my part. I have no right expecting others, via print, to know I'm not bullying//so: Sorry.
Regarding the Bush comparisonm? Inapprpriate perhaps. My intention was to provide an extreme example on inequality regarding crimes and how they are perceived in public. Maybe too extreme...but again, something that I feel very strongly about.

Thomas, when I was 21 yrs old I had a girlfried raped and knocked into a coma with a hammer. She passed away about 3-4 months later. The defendant received a 3-6 yr sentence in Buffalo because her family was afraid of a trial. The perp did 22months. I'm not using that as excuse to release any of the Manson (not Charlie)family. What it did to me was to start paying attention to equity in the distribution(s) of punishment. I can tell you through my own profession, that there is very little. My examples were only meant(and perhaps from too much of an emotional appeal)to make people aware of the unfairness. I do not morally defend these people's deeds. I just wonder that if their cases, and other high profile ones (ie: Sirhan Sirhan)would actually be held to do so much time? Especially the sick one:Atkins?

I may be passionate, but I am most certainly not a "wack-a-doo" LOL.
Sorry if I offended you. I'll drop my "CAPS' for any future debates...fair enough/ Best Wishes

Tom said...


Thanks for coming back and engaging in further discussion. It certainly earns you respect in my book! Also, thanks for the kind words, and I'm definitely jealous about your being able to attend multiple Hip concerts. They just don't get to where I live very often, and it's very depressing. I may have to head on up to visit my friends in Buffalo during a time that it coincides with a Hip concert in the area!

My "objection" to your use of GWB is that firstly, it politicizes an issue (Manson) above and beyond what was necessary. I also think it's a comparison of apples and elephants, and if you're going to get on Bush, you may as well get on Kennedy for getting us hip deep in Vietnam.

In regards to your related experience, you have my deepest sympathies. I don't believe for a second that all punishment is equitable. I've long held that we should place a moratorium on the death penalty because it ISN'T equitable. However, I don't think that the argument that a justly derived sentence should be mitigated because others have not been justly derived is the route to go.

Now, the parole board is going to rule the way they will, and we don't have much of a say in it ... but I would be a bit aghast if they let circumstances irrelevant to the Tate case itself, dictate how they rule. Just my two ducats on the issue. :)

As for the issues of our criminal justice system, its sentencing, and the expectations of rehabilitation vs. punishment ... they're all interesting topics, and I wouldn't mind getting into them in the future. :)

Hope you come back to discuss them if/when they come up, and God bless. :)

xxzeon said...

Mr Joseph;
Thank you. I'm short on time at the present but your invitation to future discourse is humbly accpted! Take care/we'll talk soon and may God Bless you as well!

Anonymous said...

Let them all die in jail. They did what they did and must pay for it for the rest of their lives... Just like all those "sex-offenders" who will pay for their crime every day until they die. Too bad!

kathie said...

omg..i know its the constitution, that everyone has a right to go to parol hearing and to plead their case, but..what they did to those people, and the way they did it, is unhuman..and just because they are older and some are fatally ill, they are still alive, and living way better in jail than they should..they should be denied parol until they die, and onto the after life...where they can stand before the real judge...

Anonymous said...

If the death penalty had been an option at the time of their trial we wouldn't have to hear from them now.
They all deserved it and no one would have missed them.