Friday, June 20, 2008

Animal Rescue

I'm an easy mark for dogs. Act all cute, look lost ... and I'll fawn all over you. A couple of days ago, this fellow (pictured above) showed up at my door. He had appeared once before, but he had gotten out of my backyard (the wife has seen his fence jumping skills in action). Well, approximately three weeks later, he showed up again. This time I was smart and placed him on my dog run. He hasn't gone anywhere since ... unless I've been with him and he's been on a leash, in a crate, or in my house.

I adore the guy. I do have people putting feelers out to see if anyone wants to adopt him, but honestly ... I want him to go to a great home, and I don't trust anyone but me to do the job properly. I already have two dogs, and it's not as if they're cheap to take care of ... if you plan to do it properly. So I don't know what I'm going to do. I do know I have plans to build a kennel in my backyard if we do keep him, but I also had plans to build a Chimney Swift tower ... and it's not as if my backyard is HUGE.

The one thing that was very distressing though was calling the dozen or so no-kill rescues in the area I live around (plus ~200 mile radius), only to hear they are all full. They said they've been making rescues from pounds/shelters at an alarm rate. It's a shame. These guys don't deserve to live a life of abandonment, not knowing the love of a family (their pack). They deserve forever homes. The only way to ensure that more of this doesn't happen ... spay/neuter your dog. This helps keep the populations down, and keeps strays to a minimum. The fewer dogs in the pound, the fewer that need to be put to sleep.

Please, spay/neuter your pets.

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