Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Fortunately ...

... I don't have children, so I don't have to worry about being a chaperone. Though this comment really irks me:
"If you're a good parent, you're not going to have problems," said Krueger, who has handled numerous cases of children injured while in the custody of someone other than their parents. "If you're a crappy parent, you are."
I call bull on that. This is funny, especially considering that Kreuger is the lawyer who represented the parents of the girl who died (due to alcohol consumption). So tell me, were the Crossan's good parents? Their 16 year old was the one drinking, and there is a good chance it probably wasn't the first time. If someone raises their child like crap, there is no way a chaperone (who isn't the parent) should feel as if they will "not have problems", even if they're a good parent. At least not on a short trip. Plus it's a lose/lose situation for the chaperone. If the child acts like a little snot, and the chaperone imposes a curfew or punishment, you know the child will call the parents and the parents (who probably spoil the little snot) will complain. If the chaperone doesn't do a thing and the child gets hurt, the parents will raise a stink. Nevermind that I can hear the "You're not my mom/dad!" screams when the little brat doesn't get their way.

I guess I'd rather hear someone complain than sue me, because frankly I could care less about people whining and moaning ... and I'd be safe legally. I think. Next thing we know people will sue because their "experience" was ruined.

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