Monday, June 30, 2008

Elected Official-dom

About a month ago, my parish requested that interested individuals submit their name for consideration for a position on the parishes school board. I had been looking for ways to become more involved in my parish, and figured with all the recent ruckus about meddling with curricula and the like, that I'd throw my hat into the ring. I offered my services and it appears that I was nominated and then elected to the school board for a two year stint.

I didn't actually think that I'd be selected. I don't have a very high profile at my parish (though I do lector once a month at the Saturday Mass), and I don't have children, so I figured I'd get passed over. But I must admit that I think it's kind of cool. I don't believe I'll be shaping the minds of our youth, directly ... but it's a responsibility I plan on taking seriously. First order of business, as far as I imagine, is to get a feel for what the budgets and curricula look like, and see if anything patently absurd is present. I hope I don't see anything mentioning Intelligent Design.

Wish me luck!


illusory tenant said...

That's excellent, keep us posted.

Tom said...

Will do!