Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Check it out!

I recently was accepted as a member of the team blog The Alternative Scientist. I recently made my first post there, so check it out!


Ivan Privaci said...

Well, if nothing else, your appearance over there means I've at least found a non-medical-microbiology blog (this one) to read.

Do you happen to know how the efficiency of biogas production (since it sounds like that's what you work with) compares with microbial fuel cells?

microbiologist xx said...

I will be looking forward to reading your posts, particularly regarding your experience as a scientist in a govt. lab. It has been difficult for me to get information about this field as my dept. and advisor are really pushing for me to go the academic route even though my skills and experience with select agents makes me a good fit for certain govt. labs. I've opted for the academic postdoc for now, but I am still very interested in that career path.

Thomas Joseph said...

Welcome epicanis, glad you could stop by. :)

Good question too ... I'll try to put up a blog entry response to it this afternoon after I do some nosing around.

And microbiologist xx, there is a lot of pressure (at least it seemed that way to me as well) to force ones students to go academia. But ... break the cycle! Hopefully I can lend some insights to help you make an informed decision in the future. :)

illusory tenant said...

Outstanding, young man.