Monday, August 25, 2008

Take your tray and shove it!

My goodness, the things people will complain about.
Advocates of the trayless cafeterias say if students can't pile on the food as Bluto did, they might consume fewer calories and keep off those unhealthy pounds often gained in college.

Try telling that to hungry coeds who simply make more trips to the counter.


Convincing the central West Virginia school's nearly 1,400 students, however, could take time.

"I think that's kind of ridiculous," said freshman Rebecca Riffle, who used a legal-size notebook to help carry her plate to a table. "Whenever there's a bunch of people here at one time, it gets crazy. You have people bumping into you, so if you're balancing stuff, you're going to end up dropping something or breaking something."
Umm, Rebecca ... you're going to have to balance a tray anyways. I've seen more food spilled by someone carrying a tray, than I have without. Don't be a ninny.

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