Tuesday, January 27, 2009

You said it Jack Cafferty!

Stimulus package is loaded with crap. The link is mostly about how Limbaugh is a loud-mouth, but read the last paragraph.
The stimulus package is not going to be a walk in the park either. Republicans are yelling it's too costly and doesn't stimulate enough. And they might have point. It's at $825 billion now and could go higher. Hundreds of millions for condoms and other contraceptives doesn't belong in there either, unless it's for what's about to happen to the American taxpayer.
So ... who's ready for "what's about to happen"? I'm not.


Unknown said...

You are an idiot that listens to John Boehner.
Did you even read the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act? Did you even know that that was it's name? Did you know that this was the bill that is on the floors of both the House and Senate right now, the one that you are claiming mentions anything about "contraceptives" in it?
Do a word search in it... I dare you.
John Boehner is a liar. Thus by default, since you bought what John Boehner is liying about lock stock and barrel, you too are a liar, perpetuating far right wing ideals and inciting violence amongst the aliterate.

Tom said...


Am I misreading the bill, in particular Title V, Sec 5004? They use the words "family planning". Family planning typically (especially in this adminsitration) means money towards abortion and contraception services.

Exactly why this is in a financial recovery and reinvestment bill is beyond me, and I know all about Pelosi's backwards thinking on this issue.

You said: ... inciting violence amongst the aliterate.

Hey, if people don't want to read, that's their own choice.

Listen Dan, go soak your head.

PS: You going to start up anymore single entry blogs? You friggin goof.

Unknown said...

As I suggested with what I orignally wrote...
it doesn't mention anything about "contraceptives."
To impute "Family planning typically (especially in this adminsitration) means money towards abortion and contraception services" into this obscure reference to family planning stretches your claim of credulity to the breaking point.
By your own admission, my claim of aliteracy stands.

By the looks of it, if it weren't for me, you would have only one participant in this blog, as well.

Tom said...

Well Dan congratulations for you! Thing is, I personally never said anything about contraceptives. That would have been Jack Cafferty, who is, from what I can tell, a far cry from conservative.

In regards to "family planning", tell me Dan, what exactly does it mean? Are you going to claim that it only refers to a couple sitting down over coffee and deciding how many kids they'll have over the next five or so years? Hardly.

Plus, we have Pelosi's verbal diarrhea to support the idea of contraceptives, thank you very much.

As for me and my blog, I'm content in my neck of the woods with my multiple-entry blog. Don't feel the need to frequent it for my sake.