Monday, April 06, 2009

Interesting title of New Scientist article ...

Bug eats electricity, farts biogas. Doubt they got the idea from my "Bacterial Farts" series from awhile back ... or did they?

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Ivan Privaci said...

This is terrible!

I've been thinking for years that it'd be interesting to investigate using a cathode to provide reducing power to drive production of useful microbial products, and then this Dr. Logan has the temerity to spend several years doing hard work and researching to come along and take all the glory! It's "unfair" (i.e. "not unfair in my favor"), dagnabbit!

(I remember seeing Dr. Logan's name on papers I read on the subject of microbial fuel cells.)

I also saw a couple of years ago that someone had beaten me to "photovoltaic microbial fuel cell" (using a cyanobacterium), too.

I've really, really got to get my life in order and get to graduate school before I hit retirement age...