Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Sign me up ...

... for the Coalition of the Sane. I never have, and I never will ... tweet.

From a recent Sprint commercial.233,000 people just Twittered on Twitter. 26% of you viewing this have no idea what that means.

Notice what the twits are twittering. "me!" Heh. Is Sprint characterizing twits? Some people, including yours truly, think so. Not that I don't think blogs aren't self-indulgent, I just think they're more able to share ideas. Then again, I've never been on Twitter ... is the exchange of ideas as applicable to that platform? At a limit of 140 characters (IIRC) I can't believe it is.

Oh, and then there is this ... Twitter can harm a developing childs "moral compass".
"If things are happening too fast, you may not ever fully experience emotions about other people's psychological states and that would have implications for your morality," said researcher Mary Helen Immordino-Yang.
We're already in a state of constant information overload, Twitter (and other social networking sites) add another layer of noise to our daily lives. Oh, and for the record, I don't Facebook or MySpace either.


Mad Hatter said...

No twitter for me either...my life isn't exciting enough that I need to update everyone on it constantly. But what's your beef with FB?

Tom said...

For me, all the people I share THE intimate details of my life with ... I talk to on the phone. I guess I'm not much of a picture taker to share pictures, which is what I think would be the primary usefulness of Facebook.

Mad Hatter said...

Same here on the intimate details and photos part, but I've found FB to be uniquely suited to keeping in touch with a particular group of friends. The ones you know and like well enough to wonder what they're up to or want to hear from every once in a while, but whom you wouldn't call to have a heart-to-heart.

Tom said...

Ah. Guess I don't have that particular group of friends. Maybe it's a guy thing?