Monday, April 06, 2009


Pro-jihadist held captive by jihadists.
"She believed the Taliban were legitimate in resisting armed forces in that country, she believed she could interview these people because she could give them fair hearing and I believe they turned on her," Rees said.

"And after all this, she's depending on the support of the same governments she spoke out against."
"I need somebody to help me," Qaahar pleaded on the most recent video. "My government — the Canadian government, the Pakistan government — I want to go home."
The question is ... if Canada does actually manage to get her released, will she go back to her anti-Canadian ways?

This actually is not an argument to not seek her release, but rather is an argument for continuing to seek her release. Canada (and the United States) are governments founded upon (amongst other things) the principle of freedom of speech. As much as this woman is ungrateful for her country (until her life is in mortal danger) her country should not forsake its ethical duty to protect her. Regardless of whether or not she decides to be grateful to her country if they manage to save her, the Canadian government has an ethical/moral duty to save her. Now we'll see if her jihadist friends let her go.

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