Thursday, July 23, 2009

A two foot long, folding knife?

Seriously. Why do they even make those things? What's the utility to them?
In the video, which was posted Tuesday, the Republican governor is sitting at his desk in the Capitol admiring a 2-foot-long folding knife before looking up to thank followers for their budget-balancing ideas.
I think the over-reaction to the video is silly (lighten up folks!) but I'm still amazed about the knife. I mean really ... wtf can you use it for?


Anonymous said...

I think, as we talk about those things, we make,see and admire them in the same way.They are just for a show-off.

jg said...

Not long ago I met at a group of teen-aged hikers. One was carrying a machete, I'd guess, 14-18 inches long. He claimed it was for defending himself from rattlesnakes. --a reasonable fear, I guess, but his friends were amused by my explanation that to even use his machete on a rattlesnake, he has to get within the snake's striking distance.