Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Ode To My Peer Reviews

AKA: The Manuscript Tracker Lament

O my dear Peer Reviews,
There you are! I can see you!
I logged on, and glanced inside,
And despite your efforts to hide,
I can see the dates within,
Next to each as they turned you in.
Since then, three long days have passed,
And yet, still nothing, so I ask.

What's taking so darn long?!?

Alas, I cannot help but continuously look.
Hour after hour, I return, but still forsook.
For me, now an obsession, an unsatiable drive,
My need to know your status, eating me alive!
Please lovely peer reviews, arrive at last.
Fly through the intertubes, pronto! Fast!
Give me respite, knowledge that my work is approved.
That what gave you birth is true, behooved.


Philip H. said...

Poetry will get you . . . not much, actually in peer review. But it does break the monotony.

Thanks for sharing.

Tom said...

Yeah, it certainly didn't pay off. :(

I'll blog about that later I suppose.

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