Saturday, August 01, 2009

We Are The Same

NOTE: I'm actually on vacation, but I'm going to give people something to read anyways while I am away (as if there are a lot of people who read this blog?).

A few days ago I noticed that the Tragically Hip, only the greatest band ever, are commencing their United States Tour. They're actually coming within driving distance to me several times, so I figured it was high time that I purchased their new album. Was pretty miffed that the company that they were doing their online pre-ordering sales with was charging a crazy amount to ship the CD. Well, the CD has arrived and it's pretty damn good.

Don't know how many people in the US (at least outside of the northern parts of the country) have ever heard of the Hip. In my current neck of the woods, it doesn't seem like a whole lot. However when you go to college in Buffalo, like I did, you hear about them a lot. Anyways, if you haven't heard (of) them, I'd heartily recommend that you check them out. They give a really good concert, and they're a pretty cerebral band. Their lyrics have always been deep and meaningful, and this album is no different.

We Are The Same
has received a number of positive reviews. A couple can be found here, and here. It isn't their best album, that is IMNSHO reserved for Music At Work, but it's solid fare.

Anyways, just a blog entry to plug one of my favorite bands. Like I said ... check them out.

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