Sunday, August 02, 2009

Greg LeMond - Twirp

NOTE: I'm out on vacation but have prepared some small blog entries to keep people coming back!

Greg LeMond has become the proverbial boil on the buttocks of cycling. Not able to leave well enough alone, he's all but flat out accused Alberto Contador of doping.
"The charge to Alberto Contador is to prove that he is physically capable of achieving this prowess without falling back to the use of performance enhancing products. Because of the recent history of our sport, doubt is rigorous. It should lead us to question extraordinary performances. That is why the sceptic I have become wants to ask Alberto Contador to convince us."
You know Mr. LeMond, you used to be a well-respected figure. Now you look like an old, jealous, washed-up, has been. Get a life. First you dogged Armstrong, now Contador. Granted, I'm not a Contador fan by a long shot ... I was pulling for Armstrong. But sheesh, this is over the top. Get a life Greg.


Genomic Repairman said...

Lets face it Contador is an ass, but he is a 26 year old ass. So why call the guy out for doping if he has no real proof. What is more amazing is Armstrong finishing so well at the ripe age of 37.

Tom said...

LeMond has done this a couple of times now, so I think the answer as to why do it is because he's an ass.

Props to Lance for his third place finish, and I wouldn't put it by him to place better next year.