Thursday, August 06, 2009

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Anonymous said...

I appreciated your comments on Lousy Canuck web-site! I know alot of Catholics who I believe are evangelical Christians. Since Vatican II, I think there is a lot less tension between Catholics and Protestants in general.

However, we do believe that someday a false prophet will arise and the Pope is in a certainly a canidate to fill that role so I understand your concern.

In reality though, Protestants (dispensationalist) should be excited about the return of Christ so that prospect of a one world government will simply mean the end is near and that the joy of our salvation is near for both of us to name Christ as our savior.

I believe most Catholic will be in heaven in any event. I have worked alongside many Catholics in jail ministries...


Tom said...

Hi Denny, and thanks for stopping by. Catholicism has a pretty wide cross-section of believers, which should really not come as such a surprise given that it has over a billion adherents. There is, of course, things that Catholics should believe, which unifies those who hold to the faith.

Relations between Protestants and Catholics have not always been the best, and you are correct in saying that the Second Vatican Council has taken steps to extend a Catholic hand to those of the Protestant and Orthodox faiths.

In terms of Jesus' return, I know not the day nor the hour, and I think our POVs on His return probably vary immensely since Catholicism tends to take a more preterism/amillenialism stance.

It's refreshing to hear that you have worked alongside many Catholics in jail ministries, and I hope those experiences have been good ones.