Thursday, August 27, 2009

Soon, you can call me ...

... Uncle Tommy. My sister is dilated one centimeter and the kidlet is pointed downwards. I'm in the pool for the 22nd of September, but she may not go that long. In the meantime, a couple of days ago, this arrived:It's as soft as can be, super plush, and the lady at the swanky toy shop I got it from said all her customers love them. It's from BestEver. Exciting times!

PS: The kidlet is going to be spoiled rotten, and Uncle Tommy will surely be to blame (at least mostly).


soil mama said...

funny you mention it, my sister called me this morning to tell me that her water broke. now we're just waiting for the good news (while she does all the work).

best of luck to your sis, I would bet that she doesn't make it to Sept 22, but you never know some babies like to keep cooking!

tideliar said...

Good luck to all, and congratulations to all!

Tom said...

Thanks guys.

soil mama, hope everything went well and that your sis is now the proud mother of a happy and healthy kidlet.

tideliar, welcome!