Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Eating Crowe

Reporter who made fun of actor Russel Crowe gets called out.
The Oscar-winning star was annoyed by an article mocking him for smoking and eating a fatty meal during a recent bike ride, so the notoriously prickly actor set out to prove he is still in gladiatorial shape.

Crowe, who has been photographed looking slimmer in recent months, was apparently none too pleased by journalist Annette Sharp's piece in Sydney's Daily Telegraph entitled: "Smokes and fatty foods - the fitness regime for Rusty".

Crowe was photographed pausing during a recent bike ride with his personal trainer to puff on a cigarette and chow down on three tacos and a soft drink.
So he challenged her to a 12 mile bike ride.
Video of the race shows the writer struggling to keep up while Crowe zooms along unfazed. At one point, she falls off her bike.
This will probably be the last time she does a hack reporting job ... at least one would hope. Not that I'm a huge fan of celebrities, but I give them the nod over these tabloid-reporting hacks. As far as I am concerned, she got her just desserts.

Ok, I'm done making puns about this tired affair.

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Genomic Repairman said...

Never race a fat guy who cycles because at one point they were a skinny bastard and they still have that skinny bastard will and determination in them.