Thursday, September 03, 2009

Who is paying these guys?

After listening to the news last night as they covered the idiotic comments Van Jones made a few months ago, I got to wondering ... exactly how mant czars does Obama have?

Came across this article. They list a total of 28. Twenty eight direct appointments by the President. Twenty eight jobs that didn't require a vetting process. Twenty eight jobs which are made up out of whole cloth, have no official written job description (other than what the President says it is), and probably have no yearly evaluations. Best of all, they are twenty eight jobs, the tabs of which I presume are being picked up by the American tax payer. We're looking at well over a couple of million dollars in salaries and benefits for these positions, unless they're all working for a dollar or volunteering, and I highly doubt that is the case.

What gives? Don't the various agencies have enough manpower that they can do the work the President needs to have done within their current structures? What good are the Secretaries of the various Departments, isn't this what they're there for?


Genomic Repairman said...

Its not just those positions too, think about the support staff (admin asst.'s, aides, minions of destruction) that must be hired on to support them. I just see them as another layer of beaurocracy and another politician trying to carve out their own little fiefdom of power, with little benefit for all of this waste.

Nat Blair said...

Did you guys even read the list of positions? A number are located in the various federal depts, or are White House based positions that have been around for a long time (e.g., White House science advisor, Drug Czar).

The others appear to be those specially related to the financial mess.

Really, I don't see anything here to suggest that there's any real change between this admin and any previous one, other than the media's lazy use of "czar" instead of the real title.

Besides, the Administrations job is to...administrate, right?