Monday, September 21, 2009

So now what?

I've been keeping track of this story. It's getting more complicated by the minute, and it'll be interesting to see how it is resolved. I'm sure whatever the final decision is, there will be people who do not agree with it. Does having male characteristics disqualify the individual from entering in female competitions?

Obviously Caster Semenya is a victim of circumstance here, and I think she's been manipulated/exploited by the track & field officials of her country. Plus, it's a shame that she has zero privacy in regards to this issue. Should she keep her medals from the World Championships? I think she should, but I'm not sure I see any reasonable way for the IAAF to allow her to continue to compete against the women. I imagine this situation will not come up very often, but it will crop up from time to time. What to do?

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soil mama said...

I've been tracking the story as well. I've been fascinated by gender issues since taking genetics in undergrad and learning that gender is much more than just xx and xy.

there are also great articles on the Semenya story here

I think there is so much gray area in gender and sports and I can't help but to wonder if they would have tested her if she had with long hair, painted nails and a boyfriend. Many women in sports have various levels of male characteristics and it seems to be quite messy to try to draw the line.

The same thing happened before in the Olympics and the woman tried to commit suicide. I believe things are back on track for her and she is doing better, but it is just horrible to think of a young person going through this on the world stage.